Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy

Scarlett If you’ve ever gotten into trouble at school, then I’m sure you could really identify with the main character in Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy.  Scarlett, a twelve-year-old Londoner with hair dyed the color of ketchup and black fingernails,  is constantly getting into trouble at every school she attends.  Her mum finally gets so sick of her detentions and expulsions, that she decides to ship Scarlett off to her father’s cottage in Ireland.  Suddenly, she has to learn Gaelic in a one-room schoolhouse and she has also gained a new stepmum and stepsister.  Scarlett immediately begins thinking of ways to get out of Ireland as fast as possible until she meets Kian.  He is around her age, very cute, and suprisingly, very nice too.  He seems almost too good to be true!  Should she befriend him?  Will she ever learn to get along with her new family?  Read this book to find out!