Run, Boy, Run by Uri Orlev

Run Boy Run  Run, Boy, Run by Uri Orlev.  Srulik is an orphan from pretty much the start of this book, which takes place during World War II.  The book basically shows how he learns to survive on his own.  First, he lives in the forest with a group of other orphaned boys where they are so hungry that they steal food and clothes from local farmers and have to sleep outside in the bitter cold.   Then he remembers that the last time he saw his dad, he told him to forget who he was and to use a different name to protect himself.   He ends up working for several farmers and then having to leave each after a few months after they discover he is Jewish.  He is a hard worker though, and even after a devastating accident, he is able to survive and still do odd jobs for people, in exchange for food and shelter.  Despite all of the anti-Semitism, he does encounter a lot of kind people who take him in along the way as well, until he eventually is taken to a Jewish Children’s Orphanage after the was is over.