Room One: A Mystery or Two by Andrew Clements

syndetics-lc  If you like a good mystery, take a look at the clues in Room One: A Mystery or Two by Andrew Clements, and see what you make of it. There’s more than one mystery going on in the tiny farm town of Plattsford, and Ted Hammond is in on all of them.  The only sixth-grader in the one-room, one-teacher school, Ted has always been a big fan of mysteries.  He reads at least three a week, and he doesn’t just read them.  He solves them, too. He stops half way through the book, takes notes on suspects and evidence, and works through the theories.  Eight times out of ten, he’s right.

It’s not surprising then that Ted notices the face in a second-floor window of the old Anderson place.  Only problem is, the Anderson moved away two years ago and the farmhouse has been abondoned and boarded up ever since.  He investigates, and what he finds is a homeless family – a mom and two kids in desperate need of shelter and secrecy ever since their dad was killed in Iraq.  What will Ted do?  Help the family and keep their secrecy?  Turn them in to the authorities as trespassers?  Ted makes some surprising choices that have some big, big consequences.