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No Vacancy

by Tziporah Cohen

no vacancy book cover

Miriam and her family move from Manhattan to upstate New York to run a motel. Miriam is 11, and has two good friends she hates to leave back home. Upon arrival in her new town, Miriam meets a new friend, Kate and a cast of towns people who begin to make her feel welcome. This is a sweet summer friendship story which also deals with religion and tolerance.  Miriam is Jewish and her new friend Kate is Catholic. Both these faiths are explored in this book as the girls grapple with a decision  they make to help business at the struggling motel.  This story is full of authentic characters and a wonderful summer setting.  

Eddie Whatever

by Lois Ruby

eddie whatever book cover


Eddie has been assigned community service hours at a retirement home for his Bar Mitzvah project.  He thinks his time there will be boring. Wrong! First, some of the residents report having their valuables stolen.  Then there are reports of hearing a ghost talking through the vents.  There’s also the resident whose mysterious twin sister may or may not be a ghost.  Lastly, there’s a sweet old couple who may have been part of the mob.  With a thief on the loose and a vengeful ghost running rampant, Eddie may just be in over his head. 


by Liniers

wildflowers book cover


Three sisters find themselves on a jungle island after a plane crash. They start to explore and find flowers that talk, a gorilla that fits in your pocket, and a dragon. Will they be saved? Can they get back home? Read the story to find out! 

The Awakening Storm: City of Dragons (#1)

by Jaimal Yogis

city of dragons: the awakening storm book cover


Grace and her family move to China because of her stepfather’s job. When Grace starts exploring her new city with her friend Ramesh, an old woman gives her a strange egg. Grace brings the egg home and a baby dragon hatches from it. All of a sudden Grace and her friends are followed by evil men who want the dragon. Will Grace and her friends survive? Will the dragon be captured? Read on to find out!

The Secret Garden: A Graphic Novel

by Mariah Marsden

the secret garden: a graphic novel book cover


Mary finds a secret garden! She knows nothing about gardening, but her friend Dickon teaches her. Mary also hears some mysterious wailing but the adults tell her she is imagining things. Mary goes exploring and discovers something. What does she find? Read the story to find out!