O God Ganesha! and O God Ganesha, Volume 2

The first review I ever did for this blog was on a book about the Indian god Ganesha, The Broken Tusk.  I never mentioned that the Library has two cartoon DVDs, which tell stories and sing songs about him, O God Ganesha!and O God Ganesha, Volume 2.  These two one-hour episodes, which tell many stories, were created because stories about Ganesha are not very well known even though he is the most worshiped Hindu god.  Some of these stories surprised me because they are different than the tales I knew.  For example, Ganesha doesn’t lose his human head in a fight with his father, Shiva, as I reported in my first post.  Here he loses it when the god Shani looks at “Baby Ganesha” with his evil eye and the baby’s head vanishes!  You’ll have to watch the video to see the next step in how he gets an elephant head.  There are loads of other stories. I thought it was most interesting how Ganesha came to have a mouse as his “Number One Devotee.”  The second DVD even includes an animated Ganesha pooja, a religious ritual.  It has a song so catchy that you might be humming it to yourself all day no matter what you believe in.  Oh, one word, the voices are very cute – in English, no less – but somewhat hard to understand until you get used to the accent.