Notes from the Dog by Gary Paulsen (2010 Mosaic title)

Notes From the Dog Notes from the Dog by Gary Paulsen. “You’re not as ugly as you think,” said Dylan’s first note from the dog.  Dylan’s a loner.  His goal for the summer is to talk to as few people as possible.  Then he meets Johanna, a cool, funny graduate student, and starts receiving notes from the dog.  Joanna’s plan is to have Dylan plant a garden for her.  Although his efforts at gardening fail rather spectacularly, his time with Johanna helps him learn to connect with people and even how to talk to the cute girl he likes.  This 2010 Mosaic title will make you both laugh and cry.  You’ll be so glad you met Dylan and his friend.  (For grades 4 and up)

Book reviewed by Mary S., Youth Services Department Head