Going to School in India

syndetics-lcGoing to School in India is an award-winning educational video that will surprise you.  It’s a collection of 9 short films about children in vastly different places throughout India.  Some of the spots are beautifully exotic.  There’s a boy who lives in a mud desert so flat and empty of plants and large buildings that the teacher announces the start of the day by shining a mirror towards all the houses.  When the children see the flashing, they know it’s time to get to school.  Can you imagine living somewhere completely flat, with no trees, bushes, or grass?  Then there’s a girl who lives in the Himalayan foothills on a lake.  Her school is in a houseboat.  There’s another girl who has her school on an island and her gym class includes kayak racing.  The stories show the strength and difficulties some children face.  One girl has to go to school at night and learn by candlelight because she has to work all day long.  One boy doesn’t have a house to live in.  Instead, he lives on the sidewalk with his family in a large city.  His school comes to him on a bus.  This film will teach you, delight you, and get you to think about all the different kinds of lives people live.