Courage of the Blue Boy by Robert Neubecker

syndetics-lcDo you like the color blue?  I do, even if it isn’t my favorite color, which is green.  There’s plenty of blue in the picture book Courage of the Blue Boy by Robert Neubecker.  Blue is a blue boy who lives in a blue land where everything is blue.  He imagines there must be more out there, and sets off to find all the colors of the world.  He finds a yellow land, a purple village, and a red town, but he keeps thinking there must be more.  Finally he finds a multi-colored city and moves right in.  He happily takes in all of the wonderful colors until one day he notices something strange.  There is no blue in the city!  Blue becomes scared of the city and locks himself up in his room.  Feeling safe (and bored) inside his room, Blue comes up with an idea that will change himself and the city.

Book reviewed by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator