Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

syndetics-lc Blackbringer by Laini Taylor is the first book in a new series called The Faeries of Dreamdark (“faeries” is a fancy fantasy way of spelling the word “fairies”). In a world where once they were powerful, magical creatures, faeries have forgotten most of their history. Magpie Windwitch, devil hunter and granddaughter of the West Wind, is the only hope of saving the world and restoring the faeries  to their former glory.  Magpie must fight an ancient evil creature, the Blackbringer, who escaped from his bottle, before he unmakes all of creation (“Unmakes all of creation” is a fancy fantasy way of saying “Destroys the world”).  To do this she must awaken the great Djinn, who created the world, and she must outsmart an evil queen.  She is aided by a group of crows, a faerie prince who can’t fly, and other magical creatures. This is a fun read for any fantasy fan.  Watch for others in the series, too!

Book reviewed by Keary D., Youth Collection Specialist Librarian