50 Ways to Save the Earth by Anne Janekliowitch

50 Ways to Save the Earth If you’re in search of ways you can help preserve and protect our Earth, then you should pick up a copy of 50 Ways to Save the Earth because it’s full of great ideas.   Tip number 15 suggests using recyclable paper when wrapping birthday or holiday gifts as one way to conserve paper.  To make the wrapping paper even cooler you could always personalize it with your own decorations.  Not only are there things you can do at home, but there are also tips on how you can respect and limit your impact on nature, like keeping your dog on a leash while you’re walking to prevent any wildlife from being frightened or not throwing litter in gutters or streams because it pollutes animals homes and our water supply.  If you’re looking to take action now to protect the earth then fill your head with green ideas by checking out this book today!