Month: March 2022

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The Awakening Storm: City of Dragons (#1)

by Jaimal Yogis

city of dragons: the awakening storm book cover


Grace and her family move to China because of her stepfather’s job. When Grace starts exploring her new city with her friend Ramesh, an old woman gives her a strange egg. Grace brings the egg home and a baby dragon hatches from it. All of a sudden Grace and her friends are followed by evil men who want the dragon. Will Grace and her friends survive? Will the dragon be captured? Read on to find out!

The Secret Garden: A Graphic Novel

by Mariah Marsden

the secret garden: a graphic novel book cover


Mary finds a secret garden! She knows nothing about gardening, but her friend Dickon teaches her. Mary also hears some mysterious wailing but the adults tell her she is imagining things. Mary goes exploring and discovers something. What does she find? Read the story to find out!

Cardboardia: The Other Side of the Box

by Richard Fairgray

cardboardia: the other side of the box book cover


Pokey and Mac go to school. Pokey and Mac’s friend, Maisie, falls through a cardboard box and into a land called Cardboardia where everything is made out of cardboard. Mac wants to find his sister Pokey but the Grey Queen’s guards are after Mac and his friends. Will they escape? Will they find Pokey? Can they leave Cardboardia? Read on to find out.


by Thomas King

borders book cover


Laetitia wants to see what is outside of Canada. Her mom is not happy, but her mom and her brother drive her to the border anyway. Mom and brother decide that they want to see Laetitia, but the Canadian border wants them to declare their citizenship. They are Blackfoot, and they do not identify themselves as Canadian or American. Both the Canadian border and the American border want them to declare citizenship of a country, but mom refuses to so they are stuck sleeping in their car between borders until television crews arrive and the American border lets them in. I did not realize this was a struggle that Indigenous people experience, and I felt empathy for everyone.

Friends Forever

by Shannon Hale

friends forever book cover


I feel like Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham followed me in 8th grade because I identified so much with this story. Being in middle school and trying to figure out who you are is a very confusing and emotional time. Having friends, fighting with your friends, being obsessed with boys while sometimes still thinking they are gross, I remember that so much. Wanting to be a good person, but not knowing what that means exactly, is something I understand.