Month: February 2022

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The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens

The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens book cover

by Isabel Roxas


Ruby, Agnes, and Roberta are trying to win the synchronized swimming competition. They want to come up with a spectacular routine. Cyd is a giant squid who has escaped captivity, and becomes friends with Ruby, Agnes, and Roberta. Cyd joins their swim routine. Will the rats and Steve recapture Cyd? Will the girls win the competition? Read this story to find out. 

Hilo: Gina, the Girl Who Broke the World

Gina: the girl who broke the world book cover

by Judd Winick


Magic used to exist on Earth, but it left. All of a sudden Gina can see magical beings that no one else can. She encounters Bek and Choi, 2 magical creatures that can enhance other creatures’ magic. They are being hunted by other creatures from other worlds. Gina and her friends try to help protect Bek and Choi. Will they be able to stop the other creatures? Can they save Bek and Choi? Read this story to find out. 

Oh Look, a Cake!

oh look, a cake! book cover

by J.C. McKee


Sloth and Lemur find a cake sitting outside. Should they eat it? Should they invite their friends? Should they find out who made the cake first? So many choices! What choice would you make? Read this story to find out what happens to the cake. 


The Last Cuentista

Habia una vez...(Translation: Once upon a time...)
“Once upon a time…”

In a couple of hours, life on earth will end. It is the year 2061 and a comet is heading towards earth. Only a few hundred scientists, politicians, and their children are escaping. Petra Peña and her family are some of the lucky ones who will be put into a sort of sleep paralysis, and wake up 380 years later on a new planet to start over. Everyone believes it is a chance to make the world a better place. When they arrive, it is nothing like what Petra expected. She will have to use her skills as a storyteller, passed down by her abuelita (grandma) who she calls Lita, to reverse the damage that has been caused. This thrilling dystopian story looks at the power of stories, and the beauty that comes from our differences. It is exciting, scary, sad, hopeful, and a book I absolutely loved reading! This may be a science fiction story, but readers of all types should give it a try. This book also won a Newberry Medal and the Pura Belpre Award, meaning librarians think it’s pretty special. 

Place a hold on The Last Cuentista.

The Last Cuentista book cover