Teacher Services

We offer services for teachers all the way from daycare to high school and everyone in-between. Check out the links below for more information about what we offer for each group.

Request Materials

We have all kinds of materials designed to support your curriculum, including books, magazines, kits, and more. To request a book bag for your classroom please fill out the Book Bag Request form. We kindly ask for at least 3 days for all requests.

Helpful Links


Kids Books to Go Bags


Register for our teacher development program, Diverse Books to Share With Your Classroom! Attendees will have a chance to win some of the books discussed in the program!

If your students want to learn more about how books are written, illustrated, and published, let them know about our program The Making of a Book: Behind the Scenes with Two Children’s Book Creators. For children K and up with their families, they’ll go behind the scenes with Amy Alznauer and Cozbi A. Cabrera to learn how books are made!

For a new Library card go to: https://mtpros.ent.sirsi.net/custom/web/registration/index.html

Questions? Contact Julie Jurgens at jjurgens@mppl.org.