3-D Printing

Mount Prospect Public Library strives to connect people to resources that spark innovation within their lives. We provide access to the Dremel® Idea Builder 3D40 to engage the community with new and emerging technologies. Check out our upcoming 3-D printing classes here.

How 3-D Printing Works

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is a 3D printer that turns digital models into physical objects. Once a 3D model is designed or scanned, and converted to a .STL file, you can use Dremel 3D software to build the model on your Idea Builder. Using the 3D model as its map, the 3D printer lays down the first thin layers of a filament called PLA, a plant-based, recyclable form of plastic. The layers of filament stack up one by one until – ta da! – a complete physical object is formed.

Source: Dremel support

Using Our 3-D Printers

To use our 3-D printers, please fill out the submission form.

  • Print jobs must be submitted using the form below.
  • Must be MPPL cardholder.
  • For patrons under 18 years of age, permission from a parent or guardian is required.
  • If submission exceeds maximum build size or time, files will be scaled.
  • Items can only be printed in one color.
  • Contact us with questions or issues: 3dprinting@mppl.org.


  • Each patron may only submit one item for printing at a time.
  • We will not print illegal, inappropriate, potentially dangerous items or those items that violate copyright laws.
  • If the model fails to print, patrons will be contacted to edit and resubmit their designs. Patrons will not be charged for failed or incomplete print jobs.
  • Staff will contact patrons for approval of cost and estimated completion time prior to printing.
  • Patrons will also receive notification when the print job is completed.
  • Items will be available for pick up at the Registration Desk. Production times may be up to a week.
  • Items must be picked up within 2 weeks. Items that are not picked up become property of the library and may be recycled. Patrons will be charged for the items.
  • See complete guidelines below.


Each print has a base cost of $1 plus 10¢ per meter and is rounded up to the nearest $.05 or $.10. For example, a 10.7 meter project will cost the base rate of $1 plus $1.07 for the length of filament used and when rounded up to the nearest 10¢ comes to a total of $2.10.


Dremel Blue filament
Grass Green filament
Gold Medal filament
Electric Orange filament
Cotton White filament
Deep Black filament
Racecar Red filament
Purple Orchid filament
Silver Spoon filament
Passionate Pink filament

Video Tutorials

Lynda.com videos

This resource is free with your library card.

To access, click “Log in” at the top right side of the page. Next click “Organization Login” at the top of the login box that will pop up, then under “Enter your organization’s URL to log in through their portal” enter mppl.org. The final step is to enter your library card and PIN.

Up and Running with 3D Printing
Tinkercad Tutorials
123D Design Tutorials
Meshmixer Tutorials

MPPL videos

3-D Pumpkin Design with Tinkercad
3-D Turkey Design using Tinkercad
3-D Snowman Design using Tinkercad


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software

123D Design

Free .STL Files

Some sites require a free account.
Note: Some free designs may not print properly. It is recommended that you inspect them in a CAD software before submitting.
My Mini Factory
Smithsonian X 3D— Iconic Smithsonian collection objects
NASA 3D Resources— 3D models, textures, and images from inside NASA

Submission Form

3-D Printer Guidelines