South Branch Staff Picks Category: Film

Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett

Leaf TroubleEver wonder why the leaves on a tree change color? So did little squirrel.  Read Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett as mama squirrel explains why the leaves change color and fall off when Summer changes to Autumn.

Pokemon – Pikachu


“I Choose You!” Join Ash Ketchum in his journey to his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master.  Watch Ash as he battles different Pokémon and Gym Leaders – From Pikachu to Zubat, Ash will have to catch them all.

Rudo y Cursi


Rudo y Cursi is an enjoyable sports movie about two brothers that is filled with dreams and sibling rivalry.  First, there is Rudo who is an aspiring soccer player and the greatest goalie his town has seen, but he has an addiction to gambling.  Then, there is Cursi whose desire to get into the music industry blinds him to his natural talent for soccer. Join these two brothers as life takes them on an adventure as they compete against each other on rival soccer teams.  Rudo and Cursi is both funny and serious, and a film that everyone can enjoy.

Rudo y Cursi es una divertida película con un concepto deportivo sobre los sueños y rivalidades de dos hermanos. Rudo es el hermano mayor que aspira a ser jugador de futbol soccer, el es uno de los mejores porteros que su ciudad a tenido pero tiene una adición al juego. Cursi desea entrar a la industria de la música, esto lo ciega de su talento natural para jugar soccer. Acompaña a estos dos hermanos en su aventura compitiendo entre ellos. Rudo y Cursi es una película con drama y comedia que cualquiera puede disfrutar.


The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill


This documentary tells the stories of a flock of wild parrots who live in San Francisco and the eccentric man who befriended them.  The parrots are definitely the stars of this film, and you’ll be enchanted by their personalities, antics, and struggles to survive in the trees of San Francisco.