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El vencedor está solo

El vencedor esta solo
Ni toda la fama o el dinero pueden hacer que Igor, un empresario de origen ruso consiga que su esposa regrese a él. En su locura “Destruirá mundos enteros” por reconquistarla. El Vencedor Esta Solo toma lugar en Francia, durante el festival Cannes, donde varios de los caracteres tendran cita.

Chicago Bears: The Complete Illustrated History

The Chicago Bears are having a great season (so far)! If you’d like to learn more about their history, famous players, and memorable games, check out Chicago Bears: The Complete Illustrated History. This book is full of pictures and facts describing everything from the team’s founding in 1922 by George Halas to their 1985 Super Bowl victory with coach Mike Ditka to current day players and enduring rivalries. You’ll learn all you every wanted to know about “Da Bears.”

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Cover_the_lost_symbol Immediately finding himself in an ancient conspiracy, Robert Langdon needs to use his skills and knowledge of symbols to find the hidden secrets of Washington, D.C. From hidden corridors and chambers underneath the city to shadowy temples and tunnels, The Lost Symbol / El Simbolo Perdido will take you on a journey.