Polish Genealogical Resources in MPPL

The Family Tree Polish, Czech & Slovak Genealogy Guide
GS 929.1072 ALZ

The First Polish Colonies of America in Texas
GS 929.3764 DWO

A Guide to Chicago and Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy
GS 929.1072 KRU

The History of Poland 
943.8 BIS

Index to the Obituaries and Death Notices Appearing in the Dziennik Chicagoski
GS R 929.3773 HOL

Kaleidoscope of Poland
914.3803 SWA

The Latin Church in the Polish Commonwealth In 1772: A Map and Index of Localities
GS 929.3438 LAT

Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table
GS 641.59438 LEM

Poland, A Historical Atlas
GS 929.3438 POG

The Polish Biographical Dictionary
R 920.0438 SOK

Polish Customs, Traditions, and Folklore
398.0943 KNA

Polish Genealogy Research
GS 929.1072 CHO

Polish Roots=Korzenie Polskie
GS 929.3438 CHO

Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy
GS 929.1072 JEN

A Translation Guide to 19th Century Polish Language Civil-Registration Documents
GS 929.3438 FRA