A Genealogy Pathfinder

A Journey Through Your Family History

A Place to Begin

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The Next Destination

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A Guide for the Thorny Path

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A Map for the Virtual Search

Cooke, Lisa Louise. The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox 2011
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Another Way to Travel


  • Ancestry
  • Discovering Family History
  • Everton’s Genealogical Helper
  • Family Chronicle
  • Family History
  • Family Tree
  • Internet Genealogy

Other Sources To Investigate

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
500 N. Dunton Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Newberry Library
60 W. Walton, Chicago, IL 60610

Chicago Public Library
400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

Schaumburg Illinois Family History Center
1320 W. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg, IL 60195

National Archives at Chicago
7358 S. Pulaski, Chicago, IL 60029

Wilmette Illinois Family History Center
2727 Lake Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091

Please call ahead for business hours and available parking.

Always feel free to ask for assistance at the Reference Desk or of a Genealogy volunteer.

Good luck as you begin or continue the journey!