What to do with your Christmas tree

Some Christmas tree facts:
Approximately 30-35 million real Christmas trees sold in North America every year.  For every tree harvested, up to three seedlings are planted in its place the following spring. 93 percent of consumers who used a real Christmas tree recycled it in some type of community program.

Recycled Christmas trees are mainly used for:
• Chipping (used for various things, from mulch to hiking trails)
• Beachfront erosion prevention and river delta sedimentation management
• Lake and river shoreline stabilization including fish habitat

How to go about recycling your tree:
1. Find out what will be done with your tree once it is picked up if it ends up in a landfill it takes a lot longer to biodegrade compared to being placed in a compost heap or recycled into things like mulch. 
2. Make sure you don’t keep your tree up for too long many of the organizations that pick up trees only do so for a few weeks after Christmas. 
3. Take time to remove all ornaments or tinsel if these are left on the tree it prevents it from being disposed as organic waste. 
4. If the community you live in doesn’t offer tree disposable other organizations like the Boy Scouts may do so for a small fee that goes towards fund raising. 
5. You can always recycle your tree yourself by chopping it up to use as firewood and the needles can be used for art projects or as mulch for your plants. 
Information is from  http://earth911.com