Have a Green Halloween

Make your own costume from things around the house – old clothes, game pieces, sport team items, something from the recycling bin, etc., or purchase items from a resale shop.  
If make-up is used instead of a mask, purchase non-toxic or hypoallergenic cosmetics.  
After using costumes, trade with a friend, start a “costume closet” at  school, church or home to share next year, or donate the costumes to a favorite charity.  
When buying candy, look for treats with minimal packaging – or give pencils, erasers or money.  
Send your children out with a reusable bucket, canvas bag or pillowcase.  
Don’t be a litter bug, dispose of candy wrappers in your bags, buckets or trash cans along the way.  
Stay local to trick-or-treat, bike, wagon or carpool.  
Use rechargeable batteries in your flashlight for trick-or-treating.  

Don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds – bake and eat, or put outdoors for the birds and animals.  
Put a soy or natural beeswax candle in your Jack-o’-lanterns, or use a battery-operated light, with rechargeable batteries, of course.  
As your pumpkin grows old, put in your yard for animals to eat, or put into compost pile.  
Make your own luminaries from old cans with a pattern of hole punches.  
Keep Halloween decorations from year to year so you don’t need to purchase new ones each season.  
If you are hosting a Halloween party, used reusable dishes, tableware, cups napkins, etc.  Serve from a pitcher instead of individual bottles and  cans.Make a mystery punch with your favorite juices/pop, and add dry ice for a spooky effect. Instead of paper invitations, send an electronic  invite to your guests.

From SWANNC’s September E-Newsletter