Grow It! Can It! Eat It!: Pickled Asparagus

1 ½ qts, water
5 Tbsp. plain, non-iodized salt (can use canning salt)
2 Tbsp. pickling spices-remove as many cloves as possible
7 lbs. fresh asparagus
4 garlic cloves, 1 per qt. or ½ per pt. (I use wide-mouth pt. jars)
4 hot chili peppers ½-1 per qt.

1. Bring water, vinegar & salt to boil for 15 min.
2. Wrap remaining spices in cheesecloth or tea holder & hang in vinegar mixture.
3. Break off ends of asparagus & blanch 1 ½-2 min., then plunge into ice water,
4. Place ½ -1 garlic clove and ½-1 pepper into each jar.  Pack asparagus into jars standing on end, then pour vinegar mixture into jars making sure it’s very hot at time to ensure a good seal on jars.  Cool.
5. Store in pantry for 2 ½-3 mos, before use.