Green Your 4th of July Celebration

Why not add some green to your 4th of July celebration. Here are a few tips to consider to make your holiday celebration a little more environmentally friendly.
-Instead of using disposable plates, plastic cups and silverware, use your every day table ware. If you must use some type of disposable table ware, consider ones that are compostable.
-Help guests do something green by asking that they bring their own drinking cups, which not only helps to reduce waste, but also helps guests to tell their cups apart.
-Celebrate outside! By moving your gathering outside, you can help reduce your home's energy consumption.
-Instead of shooting off your own fireworks, get a group together to carpool, and go see a public fireworks display. If you must shoot off your own fireworks, consider those that are higher in nitrogen, as they produce less smoke.
-Instead of buying water in individual plastic bottles for guests, have water pitchers or other large containers that can be refilled.
-Reuse or recycle what you can after your celebration is complete.
-Instead of having one large container for guests to dispose of waste, have several smaller containers that are labeled for what items are to be placed inside. For example, you could have one for paper, one for plastic, glass and cans, another for compostable materials, and another for garbage.

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