Green Back to School Tips

School will be starting soon and it is a perfect time to think green.  Here are a few Back to School Tips:

•Be careful not overbuy your school supplies, first check and see what is left over from last year.
•Try buying pencils made from reclaimed wood!
•Recycled notebook paper is available at many of the large office and school supply stores.
•Get a reusable bottle for water and juice instead of purchasing plastic water bottles and juice boxes.
•Another reminder, avoid bringing lunch in a paper bag, use a reusable lunch bag, they come in all sorts of great designs now.
•Instead of purchasing those individual size bags of chips and cookies, buy the large bag and use reusable containers to put them in.  If you are absolutely addicted to plastic sandwich bags, they can be reused many times.
•Ask your college students to rent or buy used textbooks and of course sell them back at the end of the semester.
•Again for the college student, rent fridges and microwaves instead of purchasing them.