Energy Star Refrigerators

Are you in the market for a new refrigerator and considering one that is Energy Star rated? Before you make your final decision, check out this brief article from Consumer Reports Greener Choices. Consumer Reports tested some Energy Star refrigerators and discovered that some use far more power than is listed on their EnergyGuide labels. After tests conducted by Consumer Reports, they found four fridges that were using far more energy than their EnergyGuide labels claimed.

These four refrigerators are:

  • LG LFX21975[ST] (off by about 50%)
  • LG-made Kenmore 7973[7] (off by about 50%)
  • Samsun RFG298AA[WP] (off by 33%)
  • Samsung-made GE Profile PFSS9PKY[SS] (off by 39%)

Check out: Green product watch: Energy star refrigerators for more information or look in the February 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, page 37.