Becoming an Outdoors Woman Spring 2011

Are you a woman looking to become more familiar with the outdoors? You may want to consider signing up for the 2011 Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Through this workshop, women are able to learn introductory outdoor skills in a safe, supportive, noncompetitive environment. Courses include (but are not limited to) archery, kayaking, fishing, outdoor survival, horseback riding, firearms safety, medicinal plants, mammal trapping, and wilderness first aid/CPR.

The spring workshop is June 10-12 at the Lorado Taft Field Campus in Oregon, Illinois. The cost associated with the workshop is $200 which includes classes, meals, housing, transportation during the event, and use of equipment. Registration for the workshop begins March 22 for first time participants or April 5 for returning participants.

For more information on the workshop visit the Becoming an Outdoors Woman  page on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website.