News from the Reference Desk Category: Web Resources

New Web Resource: Science Reference Center

To meet the needs of curious learners, Mount Prospect Public Library now subscribes to Science Reference Center which contains full text articles from hundreds of science magazines, journals, reference books and a vast collection of images.

  • More than 210 full-text science periodicals
  • More than 770 full-text science reference books
  • More than a dozen full-text science encyclopedias
  • More than 810 full-text science essays
  • More than 4,000 full-text, full-length biographies of scientists
  • More than 300,000 high-quality images, including stunning images of landscapes, plants, animals, rock formations, fungi and more
  • Dozens of science animations
  • More than 580 science videos
  • Lesson plans

Gale LegalForms

Gale LegalForms provides professionally written legal documents used by attorneys and law firms. You’ll find downloadable forms covering real estate, wills, power of attorney, bankruptcy, small business—practically any area of law—alongside helpful tools like a Law Digest and Attorney Directory. Take charge of your legal affairs with Gale LegalForms.

Browse Legal Definitions alphabetically, or search to build a better understanding of terms you may encounter within forms.
• Link to federal and state Tax Forms.
• Use the Attorney Directory to quickly identify attorneys offering services within particular states and practice areas.
• Build your knowledge of key cases, laws, and concepts by browsing or searching the Law Digest.
• Click Legal Q&A question categories to view sample inquiries and attorney responses from across the country.
• Explore LegalLife Articles to find a straightforward explanation of legal matters surrounding common life events.

Hunting for Banana Bread Recipes

loaf of Mango Banana Bread

If you’re like me and have been panic buying bananas, you’ve definitely tried turning the overripe ones into banana bread. I’ve done three of them. You might have a favorite recipe in a book or have gone to Google or YouTube to search one  out.  I tested three of our web resources.

AtoZ World Food is perfect for researching world cultures, world food, finding great pictures, with a catalog of thousands of recipes. A search for banana bread results in 10 different banana breads from various “Banana Lands,” for example, Bermuda, Brazil, Angola, or Zimbabwe.  One I think I’d like to try is the Banana Mango Bread from the Dominican Republic.  I’m not going to repeat the recipe here but have linked to it in the previous sentence, but just as soon as my banana pile turns black, this is what I’m doing.

For current recipes, I looked in PressReader, a great source for streaming current magazines and newspapers from around the world. It is easy to search but the results change day-to-day since they do not keep more than three or four back issues.  A search will look through all 7,000 different publications and give results from only the last three days.  Right now, I find banana bread with lots of variations, including blueberries, chocolate, oats, and sometimes measured out in grams and baked in Celsius.  This source is excellent for many reasons. I feel up-to-date on how the Coronavirus Quarantine prompted an explosion in home baking and have found a wide variety of recipes.

The other web resource I searched is Global Newsstream. This is not a streaming source but a straight up database of newspaper articles from thousands of papers dating back to the 1980’s (generally).  I did a search for the phrase (in quotation marks) “banana bread recipe”. There were 618 results arranged from most recent to the oldest, a 1985 article called 1955 Banana Bread Recipe has Become a Kitchen Classic published in the Toronto Star. This recipe contains shortening so I won’t be trying it, ever.  I had to click through four or five more articles until I got one that did much more than mention banana bread. Global Newsstream is good for many different areas of research but was not the immediate reward I thought it would be.

Now off to the kitchen to eat a fresh banana.

World Book Super Page

Attention parents! Until the end of May, World Book is giving us access to all 15 modules of their excellent online series with their World Book Super Page. This is more than just the trusted encyclopedia for children, teens, and families. It is also access to thousands of activity and craft instruction. Anyone want to make puppets?! Or read ebooks about dinosaurs, Bigfoot, Ancient Egypt, or outer space?  The Super Page also has access to Spanish, French, and Arabic editions of World Book.

For more crafts, see our subscription for CreativeBug.