The Great Courses

black death great coursesIf, like me, you regret not having access to our awesome and extensive DVD & CD collection of The Great Courses, you can bear up because there are other ways to get access via our streaming subscriptions.

The first of our streaming options is through Kanopy.

Kanopy provides free access to mainly educational videos, PBS shows, and art house films. Apps are available for Smart TVs as well as mobile devices.

Here are the results of The Great Courses on Kanopy as they appear in our Library Catolog. It is easy to go from the catalog record into Kanopy.  Just click on the “Streaming Media” icon from the Search Results page. If you are in the record, click on the blue Borrow bar on the right hand side of the page.

To locate The Great Courses in Kanopy while using the Smart TV app:
Scroll down to the The Great Courses line to see the courses available.

The next way to enjoy The Great Courses is in our Hoopla Digital Media app. This streaming service has  ebooks, audiobooks, comics, music & TV.

To locate The Great Courses in Hoopla Digital:
Search for The Great Courses Audio. There are more than 150 Great Courses from which to choose.
As the name implies, Hoopla’s The Great Courses are audio editions only.