New and Forthcoming Nonfiction Titles – October 2016

New Books

Almost every day new books arrive at the Library to be processed and then placed on the shelf or in your hands. Take a look at some of the books that have arrived most recently at the Library. Ask for more titles at the Research Services Desk!

Newly Arrived Nonfiction:

Cover of The Last Chicago Cubs DynastyThe Last Chicago Cubs Dynasty
by Hal Bock
The last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series, World War I had not yet begun. But from 1906-1910 the Cubs not only played in the World Series four of the five years, they won two World Championships, as well. It was a time when the Cubs ruled baseball, and no one could have imagined the roller coaster adventures that were ahead for this grand old franchise.

Cover of The Terror YearsThe Terror Years
by Lawrence Wright
Ten powerful pieces first published in The New Yorker recall the path terror in the Middle East has taken from the rise of al-Qaeda in the 1990s to the recent beheadings of reporters and aid workers by ISIS.

Cover of Why You Love MusicWhy You Love Music
by John Powell
With his relaxed, conversational style, Powell explores all aspects of music psychology, from how music helps babies bond with their mothers to the ways in which music can change the taste of wine or persuade you to spend more in restaurants, ultimately opening your eyes (and ears) to the astounding variety of ways that music impacts the human experience.

Cover of The Etiquette EdgeThe Etiquette Edge
by Beverly Y. Langford
Poise, courtesy, and a professional demeanor help you stand out amid the modern workplace’s cramped spaces and curt emails. The Etiquette Edge is your crash course on how to act, what to say, what to wear, when to phone, why lunch matters, how to make a great impression, and every question in between.

Cover of The Great Northern Railway Through TimeThe Great Northern Railway Through Time
by Dale Peterka
The Great Northern Railway Through Time takes us on a tour of the American Northwest– the last American frontier– from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle, Washington, through photos taken over the course of seventy-five years by photographers of the era.

Cover of The Here-and-Now HabitThe Here-and-Now Habit
by Hugh G. Byrne, Ph.D.
Almost everyone has a bad habit– or two, or three. But some bad habits can take a toll on our health and happiness. The Here-and-Now Habit provides powerful practices based in mindfulness and neuroscience to help readers rewire their brain and finally break the bad habits that are holding them back from fully experiencing life.

Forthcoming Titles:

Cover of A Life Well PlayedA Life Well Played
by Arnold Palmer
As a follow-up to his 1999 autobiography, Palmer takes stock of the many experiences of his life, bringing new details and insights to some familiar stories and sharing new ones. This book is Palmer’s gift to the world– a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and timeless wisdom that readers will celebrate and cherish.

Cover of RestRest
by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Looking at different forms of rest, Silicon Valley futurist and business consultant Alex Soojung-Kim Pang dispels the myth that the harder we work the better the outcome. Drawing on rigorous scientific evidence and revelatory historical examples, Rest overturns everything our culture has taught us about work and shows that only by resting better can we start living better.

Cover of Forty AutumnsForty Autumns
by Nina Willner
In this illuminating and deeply moving memoir, a former American military intelligence officer goes beyond traditional Cold War espionage tales to tell the true story of her family of five women separated by the Iron Curtain for more than forty years, and their miraculous reunion after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Cover of The General vs. the PresidentThe General vs. the President
by H.W. Brands
The riveting story of how President Harry Truman and General Douglas MacArthur squared off to decide America’s future in the aftermath of World War II, the contest of wills between these two titanic characters unfolds against the turbulent backdrop of a faraway war and terrors conjured at home by Joseph McCarthy.

Cover of Movers, Shakers, Mommies, and MakersMovers, Shakers, Mommies, and Makers
by Stacey Bannor
Eleven moms share their stories behind businesses that have grown from side-projects in craft-rooms and garages to nationally recognized brands. The furniture, clothing, toys, carrying wraps, diaper bags, and other products these women create can now be found in stores nationwide, including retailers such as Nordstrom and Walmart.

Cover of The 60sThe 60s
The third installment of a fascinating decade-by-decade series, this anthology collects historic New Yorker pieces from the most tumultuous years of the twentieth century– including pieces by James Baldwin, Pauline Kael, Sylvia Plath, Roger Angell, Muriel Spark, and John Updike– alongside new assessments of the 1960s by some of today’s finest writers.

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