New and Forthcoming Nonfiction Titles – June 2016

New Books

Almost every day new books arrive at the Library to be processed and then placed on the shelf or in your hands. Take a look at some of the books that have arrived most recently at the Library. Ask for more titles at the Research Services Desk!

Newly Arrived Nonfiction:

Cover of Five Presidents

Five Presidents

by Clint Hill
Secret Service agent Clint Hill brings history intimately and vividly to life as he reflects on his seventeen years protecting the most powerful office in the nation, walking alongside Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

Cover of Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney: The Life

by Philip Norman
Since the age of twenty-one, Paul McCartney has lived one of the ultimate rock-n-roll lives played out on the most public of stages. Now, Paul’s story is told by rock music’s foremost biographer, with McCartney’s consent and access to family members and close friends who have never spoken on the record before.

Cover of The Romanovs

The Romanovs

by Simon Sebag Montefiore
The acclaimed author of Young Stalin and Jerusalem gives readers an accessible, lively account—based in part on new archival material—of the extraordinary men and women who ruled Russia for three centuries.

Cover of Ruthless


by Ron Miscavige
The father of Scientology’s current leader describes how he first introduced his family to the church and looks at how his son’s actions have transformed the organization into one that wields toxic power over its members.

Cover of Morgue


by Dr. Vincent Di Maio
In this clear-eyed, gritty, and enthralling narrative, a renowned pathologist and veteran crime writer guide us behind the morgue doors to tell a fascinating life story through the cases that have made Di Maio famous—from the exhumation of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to the complex issues in the shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Cover of The Journey Within

The Journey Within

by Radhanath Swami
In this long-awaited follow up to The Journey Home, renowned spiritual leader Radhanath Swami shares intimate stories from his forty years as a teacher of devotional (bhakti) yoga.

Forthcoming Titles:

Cover of Secret Service Dogs

Secret Service Dogs

by Maria Goodavage
Secret Service Dogs shines a spotlight on some of the Secret Service’s most unforgettable canine heroes, from Hurricane, a Belgian Malinois with four titanium teeth, to Roadee, a little terrier mix with a big attitude. It’s a must-read for dog lovers and anyone who wants a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most captivating programs of the United States Secret Service.

Cover of The Ultimate Bicycle Owner's Manual

The Ultimate Bicycle Owner’s Manual

by Eben Weiss
Everything you need to know to purchase, maintain, and ride a bike for recreation, commuting, competition, travel, and beyond. With his latest book, Weiss, aka Bike Snob, makes his vast experience and practical advice available to bike “newbies” and veterans alike.

Cover of The Power of a Single Number

The Power of a Single Number

by Philipp Lepenies
Since it was first widely used in the mid-twentieth century, GDP (gross domestic product) has become the world’s most powerful statistical indicator of national development and progress. Lepenies’s absorbing account helps us understand the personalities and popular events that propelled GDP to dominance, clarifying current debates over the wisdom of the number’s rule.

Cover of Born for This

Born for This

by Chris Guillebeau
The best-selling author of The $100 Startup demonstrates how to enjoy greater career success and personal fulfillment by finding one’s life calling, expanding his recommendations beyond the entrepreneurial sphere to outline an actionable method for rendering one’s passions profitable.

Cover of The Metamorphosis of the World

The Metamorphosis of the World

by Ulrich Beck
Before his sudden death in January 2015, Ulrich Beck was one of the world’s foremost sociologists. In this book, the last he wrote before his death, Beck introduces a new concept—“metamorphosis”—to describe what is happening in our world today.

Cover of But Can I Start a Sentence with But?

But Can I Start a Sentence with But?

foreword by Carol Fisher Saller
The editors of The Chicago Style Manual open the mailbag of their online Q&A and tackle readers’ questions on topics ranging from abbreviation to word division to how to reform that coworker who still insists on two spaces between sentences.

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