New and Forthcoming Nonfiction Titles – December 2017

New Books
Almost every day new books arrive at the Library to be processed and then placed on the shelf or in your hands. Take a look at some of the books that have arrived most recently at the Library. Ask for more titles at the Research Services Desk!

Newly Arrived Nonfiction:

Cover of Natural DefenseNatural Defense
by Emily Monosson
An environmental toxicologist and writer explores science’s most innovative strategies for employing ecology for our own protection, giving us a sneak peek into the fascinating and hopeful world of natural defenses where a sustainable approach to human welfare will benefit generations to come.
Cover of BunkBunk
by Kevin Young
The award-winning author of The Grey Album traces the history of the hoax as a distinct American phenomenon, exploring the roles of stereotype, suspicion, and racism as factors that have shaped fraudulent activities from the heyday of P. T. Barnum through the “fake news” activities of Donald Trump.
Cover of On the Road with Roz

by Roz Varon
For the past eight years Chicago television Traffic Anchor Roz Varon has been recording her travels in words and images. The reader becomes Roz’s awestruck travel companions at the inauguration of President Barack Obama, students of history while roaming the Jewish Deep South, and gleeful visitors to Walt Disney World.

Cover of Night Thoughts

by Wallace Shawn
Having recently passed the age of seventy, before which he found it difficult to piece together more than a few fragments of understanding, actor Wallace Shawn would like to pass on anything he’s learned before death or dementia close down the brief window available to him, but he may not be ready yet.

Cover of Space Oddities

by S.D. Tucker
Whether you’re intrigued by the notion of singing angels inhabiting the planets, secret houses hidden on meteorites, or alien nudist colonies on the moon, Space Oddities will introduce weird, wacky, and wonderful theories of what lies beyond the stars.

Cover of The RBG Workout

by Bryant Johnson
A lighthearted, fully illustrated fitness guide detailing octogenarian Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s twice-weekly workouts with the author, her personal trainer, demonstrates each exercise in accessible detail and is complemented by professional tips, informative sidebars and folksy health wisdom.

Forthcoming Titles:

Cover of Cryptoassets

by Chris Burniske
Bitcoin was the first cryptoasset, but today there are over 800 and counting, including ether, ripple, litecoin, monero, and more. This clear, concise, and accessible guide from two industry insiders shows you how to navigate this brave new blockchain world—and how to invest in these emerging assets to secure your financial future.

Cover of Fifty Years of 60 Minutes

by Jeff Fager
The executive producer of 60 Minutes tells the inside story of the legendary program, from its almost accidental birth through five decades of in-depth reporting by talented producers and beloved correspondents, including Harry Reasoner, Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, Lesley Stahl, Steve Kroft and others.

Cover of Growing Up Fisher

by Joely Fisher
A behind-the-scenes memoir by the half-sister of the late Carrie Fisher describes their upbringing in Hollywood, the author’s personal struggles with identity, her two-decade marriage, her experiences as a mother to five children, and how she became motivated to pursue a creative life in the wake of Carrie’s death.

Cover of Diversity and Inclusion the Submarine Way

by John Gregory Vincent
The efficiency of a strong submarine crew is the result of a community that makes acceptance of diversity and inclusion part of its expected norms. This book is the first step toward applying these techniques and practices to help your company succeed and thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Cover of If You're Bored With Your Camera Read This Book

by Demetrius Fordham
In this book you’ll find inspiring ideas and genuinely different techniques that you can use to capture anything, from artistic portraits, through to stunning street photography and unusual aboreals. It will open your eyes, and your lens cap, to new ideas.

Cover of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

by Margareta Magnusson
In Sweden there is a kind of decluttering called döstädning, dö meaning “death” and städning meaning “cleaning.” A Swedish artist provides commentary and advice on this invigorating process of clearing out unnecessary belongings, which can be undertaken at any life stage but should be done before others have to do it for you.

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