Arbor Day 2017

Image result for arbor dayFriday, April 28 is Arbor Day and a great reminder that trees are one of our community’s most vital natural resources. The Arbor Day Foundation provides a wealth of useful information about the importance of trees in our environment and tools to help homeowners choose the best trees for their yard and location. The Arbor Day Foundation also sells trees relatively inexpensively: “the purchases you make through the Arbor Day Foundation will help support important tree planting efforts around the globe.” They make it very easy to choose appropriate trees for your conditions: just enter your zip code and a list of dozens of trees suitable for your climate will appear. Prices range from $5.00 for one tree to $45.00 for a collection of 5. Spring is the best time to plant trees before the summer heat: celebrate Arbor Day this year and plant a tree!