Notes from Story Time Category: Talking

Hop, Skip, Jump

Reading and talking with your child helps build vocabulary by introducing new words. As you read Hoppity Skip Little Chick, point out some action words like jump, hop, and bounce and talk about what they mean. It is okay to briefly stop while reading a story to point out a new word and what it means.

Let’s Talk About Getting Dressed

dressedWhile reading the book Time to Get Dressed by Elivia Savadier, point out some of the silly things that happen, for example, wearing socks on your hands or pants on your head. Encourage your child to talk and give them enough time to process and respond. Letting children answer questions, describe things, pretend to read, and talk about their day helps them develop their language skills.



Let’s Talk About Camping

campingWhen you add new words and information as you talk to children, you are developing their vocabulary and background knowledge. Reading picture and nonfiction books is a great way to introduce new or unfamiliar words.

–Tip by Dana Folkerts, Assistant Head of Youth Services