Notes from Story Time Category: Talking

Let’s Talk About Race

Your children may have questions about what is going on in the news. Or perhaps you are looking for a way to talk to them about race and how to treat other people with respect. This video by a kindergarten teacher provides some great child-appropriate language for these complex topics. Click here to find a copy of the featured title Let’s Talk about Race by Julius Lester. For more titles, take a look at our Anti-Racist Books for Pre-K booklist.

Let’s Go Bird Watching

How many birds can you find in your yard? Do you see a robin? How about a chickadee? Have you ever seen a cardinal? A blue jay? To get your in the mood for bird watching, count along with Miss Amy as she sings the Bird Song. Not only is bird watching a great way to teach children about science and nature, but it also teaches children to notice similarities and differences, which will be an important skill when they learn how to read. Your children might also learn some new vocabulary!

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Reading Wordless Books

Reading wordless picture books with children stimulates their imagination and builds their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Check out this video for some fun wordless book suggestions!

Open-Ended Questions

question marksAsk children open-ended questions that cannot be answered with yes or no. Give children time to process and to give a response. Use abstract language to not only talk about the here and now but the future, past and their imagination. This helps children develop and be ready to read.

How to Dress a Dragon

How to Dress a Dragon book coverHow to Dress a Dragon will engage your child with the character’s antics. As you read, talk about the order of the story.  This will help your child understand that stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. This skill will assist your child later when he/she is learning to read.