Notes from Story Time Category: Playing

Waiting for the Elevator

Enjoy this fun video by one of our favorite storytime singers Laurie Berkner. There’s counting, animal noises, and movement. Learning and fun, what more could you want?

Songs for Babies and Toddlers with Miss Amy

Get ready with a blanket or a simple cloth to sing along. Have fun playing peekaboo, too! Playing peekaboo with your baby teaches them about object permanence. Grabbing the blanket, practices their pincer grasp, which will be important when they begin to learn to write.

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A Soupy Opera With Jim Gill

One of the many things I miss about storytime is getting to sing silly Jim Gill songs with all of you. Although we can’t be together with our “spaghetti legs” being”noisy in Boise,” here is a fun book and song we can enjoy virtually. Be sure you stand up, move around, and sing along to the story. You will learn more if you play along with Jim Gill.

Miss Mary Reads a Tale

Is your house getting untidy since you’ve been spending so much time in it.  Here’s a fun story about a mouse who makes a big mess.  Click here when you are ready to listen to the story.  When you are done, see if you can make a game of being Mommy or Daddy’s helper.  How fast can you pick up those toys?