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We’re Going on Safari

Books are an easy way to introduce your child to so many fun things such as taking a safari without ever leaving your home. First, read one or all of these titles: Yikes by Robert Florczak, Way Far Away on a Wild Safari by Jan Peck, and Starry Safari by Linda Ashman. Then encourage your child to do some of the activities they contain. Bake some animals cookies. If you don’t have fancy cookie cutters, your children can make their own shapes. Then have your children create their own wildlife park using their toys and stuffed animals. To top off the fun, learn about real animals by using your Mount Prospect Library card to log into PebbleGo to watch videos, listen to animal noises, and learn fun facts.


Check out Bookflix, our fun new resource that pairs a favorite storybook with a nonfiction title to introduce children to the delights of reading while sparking curiosity and wonder. For example, you can read Bear Snores On and then learn about real bears. Click here to access Bookflix using your Mount Prospect Library card. (The web resources are listed alphabetically, so scroll down to the B section to find Bookflix.)


Down by the Station

Parents: Are you worried about the amount of time your child is spending in front of a screen? Did you know that your child can actually benefit from screen time if it is interactive. Notice how Miss Julie pauses to give your child a chance to answer her questions. She also encourages children to participate in the song by making their own train noises. Finding video content that encourages interactivity is one way to make screen time more valuable for your children. You might also want to watch the content with them so you can ask your children your own questions and use the content as a jumping off point for imaginative play such as taking an imaginary train ride or building a train with Duplos or cardboard boxes.


Last week I encouraged you to go bird watching in your backyard. This week, learn more about the birds you saw by checking out PebbleGo. This new online resource includes simple facts, pictures, and activities about animals, science, and dinosaurs. There are two ways to log in. Use your Mount Prospect library card to log in via our website or go directly to PebbleGo and enter the username: mppl and password: library.

cardinal sitting in tree

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