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Storytime From Space

A Moon of My Own by Jennifer RustgiStory Time from Space is a project from the Global Space Education Foundation  where they send children’s books to the International Space station to have astronauts read from space.  Listen to a story read by an astronaut.

A Moon of My Own

B is for Baby

B is for Baby by AtinukeWhen learning to read, children need to see the connection between the spoken word and the written word. B is for Baby by Atinuke highlights many different words that start with the letter B. Seeing and hearing the repeated letter will help children to recognize it on their own later on.

Life on Mars

Life on Mars by Jon AgeeLife on Mars by Jon Agee is a fictional story about what life is like on Mars. You and your child can learn more about what Mars is really like using Tumblebooks, an interactive web resource that has space and technology videos about planets. The simple videos on TumbleBooks can extend today’s activities at home. This can be accessed from the Mount Prospect Public Library home page with a Mount Prospect Library card. The link can be found on the Kids Page of the Mount Prospect Library Web site.

Scribble Away

child writing on easelWriting, including scribbling, helps children become aware of the text on a page, and be able to write letters, words, and sentences in the future.  You can have your children draw pictures and “write” lists. Encourage your child to “read” you what he has written. This helps to reinforce that writing and print have meaning.