Notes from Story Time

Notes from Story Time Blog

Open-Ended Questions

question marksAsk children open-ended questions that cannot be answered with yes or no. Give children time to process and to give a response. Use abstract language to not only talk about the here and now but the future, past and their imagination. This helps children develop and be ready to read.

Dinosaurs Go Digital

Harry and the Dinosaurs Say Raahh! by Ian WhybrowIs your child in the mood for a dinosaur book?  Did you know that you can checkout and listen to an audiobook all from the comfort of your own home?  All you need is your Mount Prospect Library card.  Just visit the library’s website at and click on one our streaming services such as RBDigital. Then you can checkout a fun series such as Harry and the Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow.

I Spy With My Little Eye

I Spy on the Farm by Edward GibbsLook for ways to insert play into situations, such as playing I Spy in the car or taking ideas you read about in books and acting them out. It is fun for both of you, and your child will be learning at the same time!

Dancing With Scarves

colorful scarvesThere are so many benefits to dancing to music! Children are learning body awareness, balance, and range of motion. To understand and mimic movements, children need to process visual and auditory cues. Large motor play is great for developing coordination…and it’s super fun! Scarves are a great way to make music and dancing even more fun! Use scarves or other props you have at home to make the music come alive for you and your children!