Notes from Story Time

Notes from Story Time Blog

Fun With TumbleBooks

Getting tired of your book collection at home?  Missing storytime at the library?  Try the TumbleBookLibrary.  This large online collection of colorful children’s e-books is free to access from the Kids’ Page of the library’s website.

Playing the Ukelele

Whether you want to learn to play the ukelele or just love to sing, watch this video with Miss Julie to learn the benefits of singing with your children.

For help tuning your ukelele, Miss Julie recommends the app Guitar Tuna! You can find it on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Singing and Signing

Teaching children sign language increases awareness that people are differently abled and practices fine motor skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun!


Fun With Bubbles

Did you know that playing with bubbles isn’t just fun? It’s also educational! Watch this video to find out all the benefits of bubbles.


shape blocksBefore children learn actual letters, they are aware of shapes. Talk to your children about shapes you see in books or out in the world to focus on what’s alike and different. That will help them to distinguish differences in letters later on.