Month: February 2019

Notes from Story Time Blog

Digital Literacy

child using tabletDigital literacy is the ability to understand, evaluate, and use information when it is presented by a computer, tablet, or other digital media.  On YouTube, many familiar children’s performers have channels that they post videos on. If you are concerned about inappropriate ads or comments, try playing the video through, which is a free website that gets rid of comments and removes the unrelated videos at the end of the clip.

Emotional Intelligence

Three Grumpy Trucks
Through play, kids can learn about emotional intelligence, or how to process their feelings and share them in constructive ways. Books like Three Grumpy Trucks by Todd Tarpley can start a conversation about the best way to play and express oneself.


The Lion and the MouseFables and other traditional stories are great to read with your child, and you can tell them in different ways. As you read the wordless picture book The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney, you might want to use the text of the story from the Library of Congress’ free database at This shows that words of one version of the story work with the illustrations from another version and that words and pictures have meaning.

Perfect Pitch Not Required

Hush Little Puppy
Singing increases children’s awareness of and sensitivity to the sounds in words. This helps prepare them to decode words when they are learning to read. So sing with your child often, even if you do not have perfect pitch.

Many popular children’s songs have been turned into illustrated books that you can read/sing along with your child! Check them out in the nonfiction section: J 782.