Month: August 2018

Notes from Story Time Blog

Monsters Galore

Play gives you and your children lots of opportunities to pretend. Pretend to be monsters as you recite the following rhyme.  Remember children learn best by doing so acting out the meaning of words while you are playing will help your child remember new vocabulary.

Monsters Galore

Monsters galore, can you roar?   (Roar)

Monsters galore, can you soar?  (Flying motions)

Monsters galore, please shut the door. (Clap)

Monsters galore, fall on the floor!   (Sit/fall down)


Things That Go

Give your child plenty of opportunities to draw and write. Talk to your child about what he or she draws. Books that show writing as part of everyday life will help your child see its many uses. For example, point out the writing on the signs as you read My Truck Is Stuck.