Board of Trustees Statement: Trustee Gens Remains on Board

During a Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday, March 4, the Mount Prospect Public Library Board of Trustees discussed Trustee Terri Gens’ use of inappropriate language during a recent candidate forum with the Daily Herald in late FebruarySince then, there have been requests for the Library Board to address the issue. Specifically, there have been calls to remove Trustee Gens from the Board of Trustees in addition to statements of support.

During the meeting, it was confirmed that Trustee Gens used a word that is hurtful during the candidate forum. Trustee Gens confirmed that she committed a lapse in judgement, and she has publicly apologized for it to the library as well as in Mount Prospect Journal and Topics.   

“I apologize for any hurt I have caused for using ‘the ‘N’ wordI was retelling a story about that word being used to bully other students. I learned that word is so hurtful and should not be spoken aloud, said Trustee Gens. 

“As a member of the Library Board of Trustees,” said Vice President Trustee Michael Duebner, I want to affirm that we categorically condemn the use of disparaging and offensive language. We stand in solidarity in the fight against racial injustice and inequality. We listen to all voices and continue to work toward equity and inclusion.”

After listening to Trustee Gens, and reviewing information and statements from the community, the Board of Trustees accepted Trustee Gens’ apology and affirmed she will remain on the Board. The Board will continue to monitor this issue and reaffirms its commitment to serve the Mount Prospect community.