New Lobby Frequently Asked Questions and Information

In October, the lobby was renovated to increase efficiency, improve traffic flow, and allow more self-service check out stations. The renovations divide the lobby into two distinct areas: A combined service desk, and a self-service area. As part of the lobby renovation, the entry to the youth services department was refreshed through the addition of a new canopy portal and woodland mural.

Why did you remodel the lobby?

Traffic and use patterns have changed since we opened in 2004; the lobby renovation was part of the strategic plan for the facility. The new layout offers better use of space and allows more self-service options. We can provide comprehensive, direct service at one convenient desk. The new open holds area, additional self-checkout stations, and the new computer/copier/scanner/fax area offers patrons convenient choices for self-service options.

(also see Why was the entry to youth changed?)

New equipment and functions.
  • Self-checkouts: The self-checks are available for you to check out regular circulation items yourself without having to go to the checkout desk. Items like Book Discussion Books and Interlibrary Loans must still be checked out at the checkout desk.
  • SimplesScan: Easily scan books and documents with this self-servicing scanner with a user-friendly touch-screen interface. SimpleScan has several special features, including
    1. Duplex scanning–scan both sides of a page at once
    2. Scan to email, print, USB, smartphone or tablet, Google Drive, fax, or audio
    3. Multilingual–the interface has 25 different language options, and you also have to ability to translate scanned documents to over 60 supported languages
    4. Magnifying, narration, and high contrast features to make it accessible for the blind or visually-impaired
    5. Editing capabilities, including changing the resolution, color, or size of the scanned document, reordering pages, and splitting pages
  • Express Computers: Computers in the lobby available for patron use, limited to three 20-minute sessions.
New layout.
  • patron services deskThe circulation and registration desks have been combined into one Patron Services area for easier use. You can check out materials, get questions answered about Library services, register for programs, and obtain or renew your Library card.
  • self service areaThe self-service area is designed to be a convenient and efficient option for patrons to check out materials at the self-checkouts without having to go to the circulation desk. It also includes the open hold area, express computers, self-checkouts, and a SimpleScan station that allows for printing, copying, fax, and more. Staff will always be available to assist.
How does Circulation staff handle the checkout of Book Discussion Books? What about Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)? Where are items kept, and can they still be checked out by us?

Book Discussion Books, Interlibrary Loans (ILLs), and items pulled for Reciprocal Borrowers will all be kept behind the Patron Services desk. They will not be located in the open hold area because they require special handling.

What if I don’t want to find my own holds, or use the self-checkout stations?

There will always be staff available to assist you in finding your holds. Self-checkout stations are available to provide you another option for checkout, but you can always check out materials at the service desk.

Can I still pick up my hold(s) and bring them to Circulation to check out?

Yes, of course! Our designated staff on the self-service side of the lobby can also help you find your material and introduce you to the new self-checkout stations if you like.

What if someone tries to take my hold by mistake?

While it is possible another patron could take your hold off the shelf by accident, there are safeguards in place to ensure they are alerted to their mistake before leaving the library with your item(s).

Staff at the desk will be alerted to the mistake at checkout, and the self-checkout stations will block checkout of the item(s).

How is patron privacy being maintained with open holds? What will keep a person from “browsing” another patron’s holds?

Patron privacy remains one of our topmost concerns, including the Open Holds. Books are shelved with the spine to the wall, so the title does not show.

What do I need to do to use the Express Computers? What if I don’t have a library card, or don’t have my card with me? How do I print from the computer?

To log in to an Express Computer, patrons can either use a registered library card and PIN (even if it is not a Mount Prospect card), or they can retrieve a “Guest Pass” from staff at the desk. Patrons will be limited to three 20-minute sessions per day on the Express Computers.

Why was the entry to youth changed?

Youth services entrance mural and canopyThe Library wanted a more clearly defined entry to youth services that happens not only at the point of entry, but also from a distance. To enhance the original department design, a beckoning portal was created; the portal effect was achieved by compression of space, use of green color, and abstract elements to entice the child’s imagination. The organic wood edge of the canopy is not thematic but abstract, neutral and simple. The flexibility allows for creation of themes throughout the year–for example, to highlight reading programs.

To compliment the canopy, the library board approved a custom wall mural by artist Greg Gove, painted on canvas and applied to the wall. The mural features woodland animals and plant life indigenous to the state of Illinois. Some critters are “peeking” from the spaces in the canopy architectural detail. Greg is also the artist for the “Wild Curiosity” mural located outside of the youth program room.

Both the canopy and the mural are funded by the Irene Scanlon Memorial Fund.