Valentine Mouse

To hold all your Valentine cards and treats
Based on idea from


Pink construction paper (body)
Red construction paper (ear)
Heart patterns for body and ear
Black construction paper (whiskers)
Black pompon
Google eye
Red ribbon (curling ribbon works well)
Glue stick

 Download Mouse Pattern


1. Fold the piece of pink construction paper in half the long way.

2. Trace the large heart (body) pattern along the fold and cut out.

3. Put a strip of red curling ribbon inside the fold at the top of the heart for the mouse’s tail, and glue that edge closed. Then glue just the very tip of the heart closed, leaving most of the middle part open.

4. Trace and cut out a red heart for the ear.

5. Glue on the ear, eye, and pompon nose. Allow time to dry.

6. Glue on a few black paper strips for whiskers.

7. If you wish, decorate your mouse or write a Valentine’s Day message.