Stand-up Reindeer

175 Easy Christmas Crafts by Sharon Dunn Umnik


  • Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut in half
  • Yarn
  • Brown paper (thin paper works better than construction paper)
  • Mini red or black pom pons
  • Google eyes
  • Sparkly pipe cleaners
  • Tape
  • Black markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue & glue stick
  • Hole punch


1. Cut a piece of brown paper in half.  Spread the glue stick on the brown paper.  Make sure you cover the whole piece.

2. Roll the tube in the paper and hold it until it dries.  Add tape to secure it.

3. Color a band of black around one end of the tube (this will be the hooves at the bottom).

4. Cut out a rectangle about a third of the way up along the taped edge.  (This will be the back.)

5. Cut another rectangle on the opposite side from that.  Then cut 2 more on each of the sides.  You will end up with 4 legs.

6. Glue on 2 google eyes and a red or black nose.

7. Cut a piece of yarn about a foot long and tie it around the neck.

8. Punch 2 holes in the sides of the top.

9. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner to about 8 inches and thread it through the holes.

10. Bend it in the middle and tape it in place on the inside.  Then curve the sides up.

11. Cut 2 more pieces of pipe cleaner to about 3 ½ inches each.  Wrap them around each side and curve them up to look like antlers.