Mitten Bookmark

Erin Emerick, Youth Programming Coordinator


Mitten pattern
Craft glue
Craft sticks (for spreading glue)
Ribbon (about 1 foot)
Ric rack and yarn for decorating
Snowflakes and sequins for decorating



1. Trace the mitten pattern on the felt 4 times and cut out.

2. On the back of one mitten, spread craft glue.

3. Lay a piece of ribbon in the glue, then lay a second mitten on top, so they are glued back to back.

4. Repeat on the other end of the ribbon.

5. Decorate one side of your mittens by gluing snowflakes, rickrack, yarn, or sequins on them.  LET DRY.

6. Flip them over and decorate the other side if you wish.