The Mailbox Magazine – April/May 2006


  • Paper towel roll
  • White tissue paper
  • Pastel tissue paper (various colors)
  • Pastel streamers
  • Glue stick, glue
  • Scissors
  • Brown marker
  • Pencil


1. Cut a piece of white tissue paper about 12″ x 8″. Lay it flat and lightly spread a glue stick down each of the long sides of the tissue paper. Stick the paper towel tube on one side and roll it to the other. Smooth it out.

2. Fold the tissue paper inside the tube at both ends.

3. With a brown marker, make lines on your pole to resemble the bark of a tree.

4. Cut some streamers in half the long way and glue around the inside of the top of the tube.

5. Take a small square of tissue paper and crumple it on the end of a pencil. Put a dab on the end and press it to the top of your maypole. Repeat this process with various colors until you have a ring of flowers around the top.