Candy Heart Frame

Idea from Erin Emerick, MPPL Youth Services


  • Conversation Hearts
  • Cardstock in 2 different pastel colors
  • Patterns for large & small rectangles
  • Jumbo paper clips OR magnet pieces
  • Tape
  • Craft glue or Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Download large pattern
Download small pattern


1.  Trace and cut out a small rectangle and a large rectangle from the patterns.  (To cut the centers out you will have to punch a hole in the middle.)

2.  Glue the smaller frame on top of the larger one (straight or at an angle).

3.  If you wish to decorate your frame with markers, do that next.  If not, go to step 4.
4.  Glue candy hearts around the border of your frame.  Allow time to dry.  (If you are using magnets on the back, be careful not to make it too heavy.)

5.  Bend two jumbo paper clips and tape to the back of your frame at the bottom so your frame will stand up. OR Stick 2 small magnet pieces to the back.

6.  Tape a picture to the back.