Bell Ornament

 Bell Ornament Supplies


  • Bell pattern printed on goldenrod cardstock
    Leaves from bell pattern traced or printed onto green cardstock
    2 14 inch pieces of curling ribbon (any color)
    2 small (we used 3/4 of an inch) silver bells
    3 small (we used 1/4 of an inch) red pom poms
    Hole puncher
    Stick glue or bottle glue
    Scotch tape
    Bell Craft Pattern


      1. Cut out the bell pattern, cutting only on the solid black lines. Do not cut on the dashed fold lines.
  • Bell Ornament 1
      1. Cut out the 3 green leaves.
  • Bell Ornament 2
      1. Use hole puncher to make a hole at the top of the bell.
  • Bell Ornament 3
        1. Tie one bell onto one end of each ribbon.
  • Bell Ornament 4>/li>
        1. Hold the ribbons together with the bells hanging down and lay them on top of the bell.
  • Bell Ornament 5
        1. Adjust the bells so they are hitting the lower middle of the bell with the top of the ribbons hanging out of the top of the bell’s hole.
  • Bell Ornament 6
        1. Tape the ribbons down using a small piece of tape underneath the bell’s hole.
  • Bell Ornament 7
        1. Tie the 2 ribbons together right above the hole of the bell and also near the tops of the 2 ribbons, creating a hanger.
  • Bell Ornament 8
        1. Using the dashed lines, fold over each side of the bell and use a small piece of tape to hold the sides together.
  • Bell Ornament 9
        1. Glue on the 3 leaves and 3 pom pom “berries” over that piece of tape.
  • Bell Ornament 10
        1. Finished Bell Ornament:
          • Bell Ornament--Finished