Jobs Category: Circulation Services

Circulation Services Assistant

  • Regular Part-Time position
    Approximately 24.25 hours per week

    General Part-Time position
    Approximately 13.25 hours per week

    Are you a team player?  Ready for new challenges? The Circulation team is seeing two individuals for their department. These key players will take on special projects as needed and serve as “go-to’s” in the department during various shifts. This position will also assist in training new staff in addition to the routine responsibilities of staffing the service desk and other related circulation duties.

    QUALIFICATIONS: Must have the flexibility to pick-up extra shifts when needed in addition to a normal schedule. If you have excellent customer service experience and good computer skills, you are encouraged to apply for this opening.

    Regular part-time benefits: Part of the total compensation package includes paid time off benefits (I.e., vacation and sick leave). Retirement savings options include participation in the IMRF pension plan.

    General part-time benefits: Staff are eligible for paid holidays and a paid “birthday” holiday.

    SALARY: $13.57 per hour

    Please specify if you have a schedule preference
    SCHEDULE #1 (24.25 per week):
    Tuesday: 1-9
    Thursday: 10-6
    Friday: 11-7
    Weekend C (every fourth weekend):
    Saturday: 10-6
    Sunday: 12-6

  • SCHEDULE #2 (13.25 per week)
    Wednesday:  4-9
    Friday:  2-7
    Weekend D (every fourth weekend)
    Saturday:  10-6
    Sunday: 12-6