MPPL Website Account

What is a MPPL Website Account?

The Mount Prospect Public Library allows its patrons to create a user account on our website. We call this a MPPL Website Account.

What does a MPPL Website Account do?

All kinds of things! The MPPL Website Account gives you access to our catalog right from the website. You can place material on hold from our website and see what materials you have checked out and even renew them. It lets you access our web resources from outside the Library building without having to enter your library card number and pin.

Do you want to see what other members of your family have checked out? You can add up to five more library cards to your MPPL Website Account to keep track of your entire family, letting you see what they have checked out and when these materials are due back. Looking for something to read, watch or play? From our many lists and suggestions you’ll be able to place material on hold right from the website — one click and you’re done! To get to the full catalog, just click “My Account” and your library card and pin will automatically sign you in.

How do I get a MPPL Website Account?

All you have to do is sign up. Go to, and in the top right corner click on “Sign In.” Choose the “MPPL Website” button on the left, then click the “Register” button and follow the prompts. You will need an e-mail address to create a MPPL Website Account, as this is how the system lets you reset your password, should you ever forget it.

Once you have a MPPL Website Account there are a few more simple steps.   When you are signed in you should be on your new profile page ( if not, click this link to go there: This is where you can change information about your account — your name, email, and passwords can all be updated on this page. It is also where you will enter your library card number and pin.

User Profile

If you want to add Family Accounts, scroll to the bottom of the profile page and click on the “Manage Family Accounts” button. Add the library card information for your family members into the appropriate spots. You can also choose if you want your holds to be for the Main Library or the South Branch. When you’re happy with the information you added, click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page. Do you want to make any more changes? You can come back and update your profile information at any time. Have fun!