Technology Training @ MPPL

Training materials from select Computer Training classes can be viewed and/or printed. For more information and addition training see our Technology Training Schedule

Keeping Your Computer Healthy and Safe
What are the “best practices” you should follow to keep your computer safe and secure from potential internet threats? John Lorens from Lorens Tech Solutions will review basic steps to help protect your computer from viruses and ransom ware while maintaining it in top working condition with upgrades.

Cutting the Cord
Today you have many choices beyond cable and compact discs for movies and music. Learn about streaming devices and services, including how they work, what you can find to watch or listen to, and which one might be best for you. (Updated 5/13/2019) — Windows 10
In this free tutorial, learn how to use this Microsoft operating system so you can customize it, find files and folders, and do more.

The Ultimate Guide to Windows 10 Troubleshooting
An extensive and comprehensive guide to troubleshooting and solving common problems in Windows 10.

Getting More from Your Gmail
You may have signed up for Gmail because it was free, but it’s even more of a good deal now. Find out about Gmail’s many features and settings, including message formatting, inserting photos and attachments, searching, contacts, favorites, and more.