Training materials (in pdf format) from online resources classes can be viewed and/or printed. Please ask at the Reference Desk for further assistance.

Ancestry Library Edition
How to search and retrieve data from Ancestry Library Edition.
Building Job Skills to Be More Marketable
Invest in yourself—take active steps to improve your computer skills, polish your résumé, and develop your personal and professional interests.
The Definitive Resource – LexisNexis
How to retrieve news, legal and company information from this very rich source.
Exclusive to You: Basic Researching With Library Web Resources
Exploring Internet Sites for Genealogists
Tips for searching several free genealogy-related websites including: Cyndi’s List, Family Search and Illinois State Archives.
Generating Leads for Your Business or Job Search
How to use ReferenceUSA, LexisNexis and Public Records.com to search for potential.
Introduction to Research Methods
General overview to gathering articles, tapping into research databases, and citing sources appropriately.
Online Health Information
An introduction to free and subscription databases, including Salem Health, Medline Plus and Mayoclinic.com, which offer reliable health information.
Online Job Searching Essentials
Create online job search accounts, upload your résumé to online job applications, and search for job types, location, and salary range.
Opening and Expanding a Business in Mt Prospect
Guidelines for procedures, zoning, and permits for opening or expanding a business are presented by Mount Prospect village staff.
Preparing for the Job Interview: Know the Company
How to use subscription databases including LexisNexis, ReferenceUSA, BusinessSource Complete, and MasterFile Premier to search for company information.
Property Tax Appeal Process
Information on the Property Tax Appeal Process including sources.
Research your Portfolio
How to use Morningstar Investment Research Center and Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantage to search for investment information.
Resources for History Buffs
Web Resources for Newshounds
Learn how to find out about historical and current news events in our the news subscription databases LexisNexis, Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald.

Technology Training @ MPPL

Training materials from select Computer Training classes can be viewed and/or printed. For more information and addition training see Computer Training Schedule

Care & Feeding of Healthy Computers
What are the “best practices” one should follow in order to keep a computer in top working condition? John Lorens from Lorens Tech Solutions teaches about general maintenance, virus protection, upgrades, safe freeware, peripherals, and wireless networking.
Other helpful handouts
Avast Antivirus Installation and Operation
Blocking Windows 10 upgrade
CCleaner installation
Adobe Flash Player
How to Stream Movies and More
Today you have many choices beyond cable and compact discs for movies and music. Learn about streaming devices and services, including how they work, what you can find to watch or listen to, and which one might be best for you.
Looking Into Windows 10
Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, is a giant leap forward for those who want to use Windows on tablets and phones as well as computers. But it looks very different from the previous version of Windows you may be using. Here are some tips and resources to help you discover the new features in Windows 10.
Using Google Docs
Google Docs is a free, Web-based service that lets you create, edit, and store documents on the Web without downloading or purchasing special software. See how to create a document, upload documents, and share them with others.
Google beyond searching
Most people know Google as a search engine, but it offers so much more, for free! Discover these useful features: Gmail, Google calendar, Google docs, and more.
PC Maintenance: Best Practices
Learn which basic, built-in computer utility programs will keep your PC running efficiently. This demonstration will show how to perform disk cleanup, defragment your hard drive, delete old files, and more.
How Secure is Your PC
Learn how tools such as antivirus software and firewalls can help keep computers safe from hackers, scam artists, and viruses.